Antique Book Collection

History of the Estate

Upon his death, Pietro Giuseppe Corradini had bequested his personal medical library of approximately 640 texts and a total of 930 volumes to the Ospedale degli Infermi di S. Maria del Carmine.
The collection continued to grow over the years thanks to the purchase on the part of hospital administration of new books and to new bequests and donations. A few of the most generous benefactors were Carlo Ritorno, Prospero Pironi (approx. 800 volumes), and Dina Viani.
Many of these collections contained non-medical books, often limited editions, that were sold or donated to the Public Library of Reggio.
The collection of Antique Books is now made up of 2,819 catalogued volumes, almost all medical, printed between 1400 and 1850. The 2,819 volumes comprise 1,722 printed works. Of note in this collection are 3 incunabulums, 64 works from the century 16th , an important collection of century 18th  books (many written by Lazzaro Spallanzani), 15 antique journal collections, a vast assortment of anatomical atlases on different subjects and from different periods. The Library took part in EDIT16, a census of Italian century 16th  books managed by the ICCU.

P.G. Corradini

Pietro Giuseppe Corradini began his career in S. Maria in 1763. He was born of Giovannni Paolo and Diamanta Corradini in Casalgrande, a locality in the principality of Scandiano, in 1707. He received his degree in medicine from the Universitas Medicorum of Reggio on June 14, 1732 and continued his residency at the University of Bologna Medical School. Empowered by a rich cultural background and knowledgable in all the latest doctrines and new scientific discoveries, he decided to divide his time between the "Sacred Place" and studying in the "Library".
At the end of a career in S. Maria that lasted 46 years, Corradini died on January 18, 1792 in Reggio Emilia. He willed the doctors of the hospitals of Reggio and Scandiano his own collection of hundreds of volumes from his personal library.
Further readings:
Pietro Giuseppe Corradini a chemist out of his love... for medicine (pdf 362KB) , of the Antique Book Collection P.G. Corradini Library of the Arcispedale S. Maria Nuova XV sec.-1850 Article written by Paola Manzini.
Pietro Giuseppe Corradini: Physician, Hygienist and Public Health Specialist, Epidemiologist, of the Antique Book Collection P.G. Corradini Library of the Arcispedale S. Maria Nuova XV sec.-1850 Article written by Maurizio Bosi.

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