The following services are available to ASMN and AUSL users only. Unaffiliated users may use the library's computer terminals.

Thanks to the agreement made between Santa Maria Nuova Hospital (ASMN), community health services (AUSL) and SIDS, health care professionals:
  1. receive the bi-monthly magazine with information on drugs and medicines – "Informazioni sui Farmaci";
  2. may consult summaries of some of the scientific journals received within the past month by the SIDS library;
  3. may request photocopies of articles of interest. Please send requests by email to or by regular mail, stating:

    - your name
    - unit, ward or service you work in
    - Journal title, year, volume, page(s)
    - Article title (abridged or in full)

    (Service restricted to ASMN and AUSL staff only) 
  4. to take advantage of assistance in completing biographical searches and on drug information. Staff can also consult a data bank on microfiches (IOWA System) with reviews of over 200 journals mainly on pharmacology and from which entire articles may be retrieved
  5. to access the recently updated SIDS website and many services, among which: 
    - online consultation of all issues of the journal "Informazioni sui Farmaci", online searches of back copies (Click on User name e Password for a full text view of the journal) 
    - active ingredients fact sheet; 
    - section on drug interactions; 
    - section on compatibility between drugs and IV solutions
Service hours:
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 6:15 pm
Closed Saturdays

For more information, please call:

Dr. Mauro Miselli +39 0522/543451
Dr.ssa Daniela Zanfi +39 0522/543450

Segreteria +39 0522/543454
Fax +39 0522/550146

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