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All electronic journals on TDNet are accessible to everyone, however articles may be viewed in full text only through the intranet for ASMN and AUSL users, and from individual PCs for affiliated users using a password –  Request Password. Unaffiliated users may view full texts using the Library's internet access

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What is TDNet

TDNet is an interface that combines all the information contained in the Library's journals. TDNet is a simple yet powerful tool that supplies information on all available journals (on-line, hard copies, ecc.) and other information (e.g.: quick list of indexes of selected journals).
  • Quick search - quick search through the list of available journals
  • Search TDNet - specific search by author, word, subject, etc.
  • My TDNet (Alerts): create your own profile

TDNet Layout

Columns present in the alphabetical listing of journals 
  • Access to journals: alphabetical listing of all journals owned by the library in any format
  • On-line Archive: dates of the journals' first on-line versions
  • Hard Copy Archive: dates of the journals owned by the Library 
  • Publisher: name of publishers and respective journals, and link to the publishing house home page
  • Index (last two years): electronic indexes for the last two years for all journals (the Search TDNet function searches this index) 
  • How to access Full text articles: instructions on accessing full texts.

There are three different ways to access full texts:

Icona Accesso diretto alla rivista 
Direct access to the journal (without typing in user ID and Password)
Icona Accesso al full text della rivista previa digitazione di user ID e password
Access to full text by typing in User ID and Password. Users must click on the icon and view the User ID and password to be used when requested

Icona Accesso parziale al full text delle riviste 
Partial access to journal articles; not all the articles are full text, only those selected by the publisher.
First choose type of access and then click on the journal's title or on the icon as follows:
Esempio grafico per l'accesso alla rivista

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