Information Literacy (BLI)

Clinical activity and biomedical research must be based on scientific evidence information, statistics, published studies - to guarantee and support choice of methodology, treatment and/or the setting up of new research projects. To do this, a large up-to-date source base for information (e-journals and databanks) must be available for consultation on the part of clinicians, researchers, and allied health professionals who should have the basic knowledge to perform bibliographical searches and select only valuable and trustworthy information. This basic knowledge is generally called information literacy in all fields of application. Professionals in our institution are offered training through the library or through related activities held by documentarists and librarians. Our hospital, ASMN - Reggio Emilia, heads a project directed towards the study, testing, and realization of an information literacy assessment/self-evaluation tool and of a set of guidelines on-line that will enable us to give ECM credits (for in the field training) for research activities and for the use of electronic scientific information.
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