• All professionals working for the hospital, members of the Medical and Dentistry Association and of Professional Colleges of the Province of Reggio Emilia, allied health staff, medical graduates, Italian and foreign students in the health field who are attending the hospital for study or research may take material out on loan. Other users must show ID to take out material on loan. 
  • The following may be taken out on loan (printed material, CDs, videos, etc.): BOOKS and TEXTBOOKS – each user category may check out no more than 3 books for no longer than 30 days; dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, and frequently used reference books may not be checked out.
    JOURNALS – up to 8 issues for a maximum of 10 days, for hospital employees only. 
  • All loans are personal, books may not be lent to others.
    Users must replace books in case of damage or loss. 
  • Loan periods may be extended if a request is made before the due date and if there is no one on the waiting list. The library sends 2 reminders to clients whose loans are overdue, there is a 5-day grace period after receipt of the second reminder upon which service is suspended to that person until he/she returns the material to the library. 
  • Books may be checked out up to 15 minutes prior to closing time. 

Before making your request, be sure to check that we have the document you want to burrow by consulting our on-line catalogue (OPAC)  

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