Cataloghi della Biblioteca

  • BIBLIOFIND The library's on-line catalogue (OPAC)
    The Library began developing a computerized catalogue of its collection in 1997 using Bibliofind, an Information Retrieval Highway application. The database currently contains records of the 56,952 volumes acquired since 1851, recent journals in hard copy format (approx. 500), and some discontinued journals (150). All the library's subscription medical journals have been catalogued as well. Cataloguing is based on RICA, UNI, ISBD standards. Catalogue searches can be done online. Simple searches can be launched by typing in a word or more; more complex searches can be done by typing in search engine phrases, Booleans operetors, and other fonts.  
  • TDNet - Electronic Journals
    The TDNet system contains a list of the Library's e-journals. TDNet allows users to access the journals while articles.txt can be read on the hospital (ASMN) and community healthcare services (AUSL) intranet on individual PCs if users are affiliated with the hospital, using a password. Unaffiliated users can view entire articles using the Internet access on one of the PCs found in the library.  
  • Antique Book Collection (catalogue of Printed Works)
    Published in 1995, the catalogue contains cards on 2,819 volumes (from the century 15th to 1850) comprising 1,722 printed works: of note 3 incunabulums, 64 works from the 16th c, an important collection of 18th C books (many written by Lazzaro Spallanzani), 15 antique journal collections, a vast assortment of anatomical atlases on different subjects and from different periods.  
  • Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova Staff Catalogue
    A card catalogue listing works published by Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova staff since 1985. 1,400 works have been catalogued to date.

Catalogues of other libraries

National Journals Archive

Logo SBN
SBN National Library Catalogue (ICCU: Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico)

SBBL Collective Catalogue of Journals of the Sistema Bibliotecario Biomedico Lombardo

Logo MAI
MAI MetaOPAC Azalai Italiano (MAI). For documents not present in other Italian catalogues

Logo SBA Firenze
SBA Firenze Online catalogue (OPAC) of the Library of the University of Florence

Logo SBA Padova
SBA Padova Online Catalogue (OPAC) of the Library of the University of Padua (Biblioteca medica Pinali)

Logo SBA Verona
SBA Verona Online catalogue (OPAC) of the Library of the University of Verona (Biblioteca E. Meneghetti)

Logo SBA Cagliari
SBA Cagliari Online catalogue (OPAC) of the Library of the University of Cagliari

Logo Panizzi
Panizzi Online catalogue (OPAC) of the Panizzi Library of Reggio Emilia

Logo Biblioteche Provinciali RE
Biblioteche Provinciali RE Catalogue of Library Services in the Province of Reggio Emilia
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